1. Fill out the PCB International automated online quote engine with your custom specs specs. Check out and order in minutes.

2. Email us at support@pcbinternational.com  with your Gerber file and desired quantities/lead times. Quotes will be provided generally in 1 hour or less during business hours.

3. Ask about our quick-turn specials today! 2 layer (2 days), 4 layer (3 days)

How to Order

Manual Orders

Send an email to: quote@pcbinternational.com. Please be sure to include Gerber file, quantity, lead time, and any special requirements.

  • For standard specs boards, our sales staff should respond with a quotation within 60 minutes.
  • Once order is placed, our sales staff will follow with payment instructions.

Automated Orders

Online quote and order 

Step 1. Go to our Rigid Quote Engine.
Step 2. Select the specifications of your choice.
Step 3. Click "Quote Now." Select your desired lead time and quantity.
Step 4. Enter shipping/billing information and upload Gerber file. 
Step 5. Click "Submit." Your order has been processed!

Order Guidelines/Restrictions

  • Maximum dimension (x,y): 15" (contact us for a custom quote).
  • Minimum dimension (x,y): .70" (contact us for a custom quote).
  • Maximum area of a single board: 100 square inches (contact us for a custom quote).
  • Gerber format: RS274x (extended) format is preferred. If your file format is not RS274x, please send an aperture list.
  • Order cut-off time is 5PM (PST). Orders placed after the cut-off time will be processed the following business day.
  • Lead time: begins after all engineering quiries have been solved (to count lead time and other shipping information, visit our shipping page)
  • Engineering Query/Order Hold: An order may be on hold for the following reasons (but not limited to) -- corrupt Gerber file, undefined layer stackup, no drill file, non standard drill file (ACSII format), undefined plated/non-plated holes, Fab notes not supplied or defined, descrepencies between Fab notes and Gerber, fails DFM checkup. Your sales representitive will contact you if a hold arises (generally the following business day).
  • Order cancellation: Charges may apply and will be dependant on how far the order has progressed in the tooling/fabrication process. We will make our best effort to minimize the cost for our customers.
  • Right to refuse online web order: PCBI reserves the right to refuse any web order 2 working days after order has been placed. This is a rare occurrence and maybe due to the design being above our manufacturing capabilities.

FAQ for additional guideliness and answers. 

Multi-design Panel

  • Multi-design panels are restricted to 2 layer boards only.
  • A charge of $40 will be incurred for each additional part number.
  • Limit of 3 part numbers per panel.
  • Lead time may be delayed 1 working day due to additional routing time.
  • Panelization must be conducted on the customer side.

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